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On the Set of Nude Nuns with Big Guns with Director Joseph Guzman: An Interview

Joseph Guzman has been behind the camera in several roles, while always working his way to the director's chair. During his time as a filmmaker Guzman has worked as producer on the short film Spyware, the supernatural thriller Chingaso the Clown, and the feature Driving Bill Crazy in 2008. His first feature as a director was the ultra-violent Run! Bitch Run!, which starred Christina DeRosa and Cheryl Lyone. This film involved two Catholic schoolgirls on the run from crazed drug dealers. Guzman has also worked as an art director on several films and his latest film is called Nude Nuns with Big Guns. This film is slated for a 2010 release and Nude Nuns takes off the habits of many of the female characters in exchange for long barrelled weaponry.

Have a listen as director Guzman talks about entertaining "the sick and twisted," removing morals from filmmaking, casting his latest picture and generally sticking a finger in the eye of big film studios. The entire interview is below.

(Michael Ross Allen) The first film that I saw from you Joseph was the sexploitation film Run! Bitch Run!. In the film two Catholic schoolgirls are kidnapped by maniacal drug users for their own pleasures. The film is full of scenes of gore, rape, and murder. In fact, my girlfriend was unable to finish watching the film because she was so disturbed. Was your intention with this film to push viewer's boundaries, to shock, or to entertain in some twisted way?

(Joseph Guzman) "I would never intentionally try to shock my fans nor do look for boundaries to cross. I set my sights on entertaining the sick and twisted, of which I am one. I just wish I had more money to really shake things up.

Make your girlfriend kick you in the balls for making her watch such foulness; actually, I take that as an insult [her] walking out. If that were my gal I would go Clockwork Orange on her ass, tie her to a chair, tape her eyelids back and force her to watch."

(MRA) Okay, I will let her know that you say hello. Was there some type of moral message in all the mayhem of Run! Bitch Run! that I missed?

(JG) "Moral message? I have no f$%&en morals. I made a girl suck the toes of a panty-less whore! I forcibly put something up a dude’s ass that didn’t belong there. Well the actor did but I didn’t; I want to be very clear about that. But I digress; the moral or message is very simple: keep your f*&^en nose out of other people’s f*&^en business. You can censor that if you like. That is if you are a f*&^en pussy."

(MRA) Yes, I have censored some of your more graphic words. So readers can make their own conclusions there.

Now, your second feature is entitled Nude Nuns with Big Guns. Bill Oberst Jr. (The Devil Within), Kimberly Ables Jindra (Devil), Jessica Elder (Absolute Horror) and Devanny Pinn (15 Till Midnight) each star. In the independent horror world these are some well known names. How did you manage to secure such a talented cast for this project?

(JG) "The entertainment business is a very small world and actors talk, boy do they talk; so a good reputation is key when it comes to actors wanting to work with you. That and having a crazy screen-play titled Nude Nuns with Big Guns helps too."

(MRA) Wow, nice work on fooling so many actors into thinking you have a good reputation!

Now, in the synopsis for the film Sister Sarah is "abused, brainwashed and drugged by the clergy" (IMDB). Are some of these experiences true to your own life, or is this completely the imagination of a writer's mind?

(JG) "Sadly yes, I feel we are all sheep for the Church (Big Movie Studios), they inject us with their poison (PG-13 movies for mass appeal), brainwash us and force-feed us a bunch of crap (3-D Films) in the name of salvation (Entertainment). But we all grasp onto hope (the Independent Film) knowing the truth will set us free (the Independent Director)."

(MRA) Hallelujah! I preach your's and other independent filmmaker's gospel almost every day! And I am thankful that there are so many creative directors out there, including yourself. But enough with the flattery - on with the questions.

In Nude Nuns with Big Guns, from the material I have seen, there seems to be an undercurrent of sex appeal or sexploitation in the film. Also, much of your female cast is beautiful in nature. So, will Nude Nuns with Big Guns be sexy in display or am I completely wrong and the film is more of a straight-up revenge thriller?

(JG) "I think what you are trying to ask, correct me if I am wrong, are we going to see some naked bitches? Short answer: hell yes! We went all out. I lost count. No one was safe and I did not forget the ladies; you heard me right. We got a guy named 'Kick-Stand.' So you chumps who are not secure with their manhood might want to send their women folk out of the room for a while."

(MRA) Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks for being direct. I am just wondering if I will be the one walking out of this one, instead of my girlfriend when "Kick-Stand" hits the stage.

Finally, matching up Nuns with sexuality almost seems taboo. Nuns are traditionally seen as swearing an oath to God, with chastity a route to spirituality. I cannot think of many films which have put guns in the hands of Nuns, nor films in which Nuns are sexualized. Do you think that you are breaking into new ground here, by showing Nuns in new roles? Will the Catholic Church be knocking on your asking you to repent?

(JG) "As much as I would like to take the credit for the sexy Nun, I am not breaking any new ground here. I might be digging it up and tossing it into the air for everyone to see, but in the crazy gun totting Nun realm the Bible has me beat hands down. As for the Catholic Church knocking at my door, May he without sin cast the first stone, and keep a look out for Nude Nuns with Big Guns, coming soon to your place of worship. Can I get an Amen?

(MRA) Amen, brother! I will be worshiping at the cinema or in the home theatre as soon as Nude Nuns comes out. Thanks a lot for letting me and readers into your twisted mind for a few minutes and I hope I get to meet you in person at some point. All the best on the production and I hope you are enjoying your time shooting this flick. My hunch is you already are!

(JG): Viaje con dios, Miguel (go with God, Mike)!

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