Monday, August 23, 2010

The Oklahoma Horror Film Festival to Show Over Fifty Titles This Septemer 3rd to 5th

The Oklahoma Horror Film Festival is gearing up for a three day celebration beginning September 3rd, during the American Labour Day weekend. Several short and feature length films will be displayed including David Kabler's Wanderlost and Uwe Boll's Rampage to Matt Allen's Aces and Eights and Monica Winter Vigil's short film Not Even Death. Over fourteen features will be shown along with fourty-five shorts. The weekend long event will also highlight a comedic "Zombie Fashion walk" (Oklahoma) and the participation of independent film distribution companies e.g. R Squared Films and VCI Entertainment.

There will be a little something for everyone at the festival and horror fans can attend writing workshops or meet celebrities at the event in only a couple weeks. More info' on a selection of the films is available below, with ticket details at the official Oklahoma Horror Film Festival site. More details are inside.


Director: Uwe Boll.

"The boredom of small town life is eating Bill Williamson alive. Feeling constrained and claustrophobic in the meaningless drudgery of everyday life and helpless against overwhelming global dissolution, Bill (Brendan Fletcher) begins a descent into madness. His shockingly violent plan will shake the very foundations of society by painting the streets red with blood" (Oklahoma).


Director: David Kabler.

"Jacob is a train hopping drifter, alone in the world, isolated by years of ritual abuse and life on the fringe. He returns to his father's grave to break the family curse that haunts him. Here he sees salvation in a beautiful young artist who could be his key to freedom. But curses don't die so easily" (Oklahoma).

Aces and Eights

Director: Matt Allen.

"A Wild West Bounty Hunter cleans up an Undead infested town, proper" (Oklahoma).

Not Even Death

Director: Monica Winter Vigil.

"Written by Phil Clarke, Jr., it is a story about what lengths a man will go to when his wife becomes infected. It is a tale of undead love" (Oklahoma).

A full selection of films attending the festival can be found here:

OHFF Workshop Films

*The Oklahoma Horror Film Festival will be a three-day event on September 3rd-5th. Friday 12pm-12am, Saturday 10am-12am, and Sunday 11am until the awards ceremony at 6pm and will be hosted at the SpiritBank Event Center at 105th & Memorial (Oklahoma).

For film & workshop schedules:

OHFF Workshop Info'

For ticket ordering:

OHFF Ticket Info'

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