Monday, August 02, 2010

Indie Thriller Alert: A Teaser for Matt Dallmann's Djinn

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The teaser for Djinn below is a promo' for a much larger film from director Matt Dallmann (The Third Testament). The movie clip has a real Apocalypse Now vibe, as one woman relates here problems to a mysterious counsellour. The film also takes some mythos from the Qu'ran, with the introduction of the Djinn, or for North Americans - genies. Watch the clip explode below!


"Because there are more things in Heaven and Hell than any of us can dream -- or wish for" (BP Media).

The synopsis for Djinn:

"Imagine for a moment that the lighter you're using to fire up your next cigarette is home to far more than just wick and fluid.

According to the Qu'ran, two creations have free will: humans and Djinn. Made of smokeless flame, Djinn can be good or evil. One might even take up residence in your Zippo ... any flick of which can change the world in a terrifying instant" (BP Media).

Director: Matt Dallmann.

The five minute teaser for Djinn:


BP Media. 1 Aug 2010. Press Release.

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