Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indie Thriller Alert: An Assassin on the Loose in this Clip for The Resurrection of Serious Rogers

The Resurrection of Serious Rogers is an independently shot web series. The film was shot by Angelo Bell (The Broken Hearts Club) and the series will show later this month. The format has not officially been announced, but a full trailer for the series is below. In the clip an assassin goes about her dirty work under the watchful eye of a crime lord. Have a look at the full trailer inside.

The synopsis for the film here:

"The Resurrection of Serious Rogers is The Usual Suspects meets The Professional - a multi-layered neo-noir, thriller about an assassin who finds redemption in the eyes of a nanny, a drug addicted FBI agent out for justice, a military hero hungry for revenge and the mystery man who controls their fates" (Resurrection).

Director/writer: Angelo Bell.

Co-producer: Jim Rhodimer.

Cast: Cooper Harris, Philip Hersh, Chip Joslin, Tisha Rivera and Mercedes Manning.

The trailer for the film:

The series on Facebook:

Resurrection on FB

The teaser for the film has been posted here:

Resurrection Teaser

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