Friday, August 27, 2010

Indie Horror Alert: One Week in Windchocombe To Test Character's Deepest Fears

A certain 28DLA fan has been hounding this reviewer for over a week to post an article on One Week in Windchocombe and at 28DLA the staff aim to please. So here is a preview of a film that is currently in production. What is known is that Jeffery J. Timbrell is the writer of this independent piece and Timbrell is a part time writer at the online horror magazine Fatally Yours. Also, the film's title is eerily similar to a district in Tewkbury, England called Winchcombe. So, likely this Canadian writer has tripped across the pond, but this is conjecture. Finally, the film involves facing one's fears, which is always a positive thing, and the differences in perspectives of events in a haunted house, which are sure to be varied. Fans of independent horror can check out the cast and crew lists available, with more info' to come once production has wrapped.

The synopsis for One Week in Windchocombe:

"Five people try to survive a week in a haunted house for a cheap reality show called One Week in Windchocombe, where their secrets, insecurities and deepest fears begin to manifest in the real world" (Fatally).

Writer: Jeffery J. Timbrell.

Cast: Christopher Maddison, Emily Schooley, Alen Delain, Sean Kaufmann, Richard Andy Malone, Kelly Ames, Xena Whiting, and Anna Ross.

Over two dozens picks from the set are available here:

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OWIW at Fatally Yours

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