Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flick Brings Back the Dead October 26th on DVD!

The UK shot Flick will have a North American release October 26th on DVD. The film stars Faye Dunaway, who is a cop on the trail of a resurrected murder victim. This film has toured several film festivals since 2008 and the film has been described by one critic as "an admirable job in uniting a wonderfully characterful cast to populate their trippy, nostalgic, comic book horror" (James Dennis). Check out the trailer for Flick below and save up for the release.

The synopsis for Flick here:

"Memphis cop Lieutenant McKenzie is called in to investigate a series of strange deaths and weird sightings following the resurrection of a murder victim from the 1950s (a local boy) who is brought back to life in modern times and tries to find his teenage sweetheart who is now aged 62 and also to seek revenge for his death" (Peace Arch).

Release Date: October 26th (DVD).

Director/writer: David Howard.

Cast: Hugh O'Conor, Ricci Harnett, Esme Coles, Hayley Angel Wardle, and Dominic Doughty.

The trailer for the film here:

The film's website:

Flick Official Website


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