Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Exclusive First Look at the Sensuality of the Vampire in Temptation: Walking Wounded

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Temptation was brought to North American audiences in late June with a review (here). Now, producers Steve Jaggi and Lionel Hicks are gearing up to create a sequel entitled Temptation: Walking Wounded. The original film received great praise including a nomination for Best British Horror of 2009 by Gorezone magazine and this follow-up will take place "200 hundred years before" (Black Tower) the first film. Producer Jaggi has stated that fans can "expect grander locations, sumptuous costumes and more bloodletting" (Black Tower) in this second film. So, get set for Temptation: Walking Wounded for late 2011 or early 2012, with all the available details below.

A plot overview:

"Walking Wounded will begin roughly two hundred years before Temptation and will feature a named cast and, as in the original, will focus on the emotional connection between Vampire and Human" (Black Tower).

Release Date: 2011-2012.

Producers: Steve Jaggi, and Lionel Hicks.

*From the release:

"Audiences have matured along with the genre, which will allow the story to flirt with scenarios and themes that would have been considered taboo only a few years ago" (Black Tower).

A movie poster and synopsis from the original film:

Temptation on 28DLA

As posted above, a review of the first film:

Temptation Reviewed Here on 28DLA


Black Tower Films. 26 August 2010. Press Release.

The first film is available here and this reviewer recommends:

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