Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eastern Army and Eating Your Meat: A Movie Review

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Director/writer: Philip Th. Pedersen.

Eastern Army is the first film from director and writer Philip Th. Pedersen and the film takes place in a futuristic world where law and order have broken down. This film from Denmark sees a world filled with bloody-thirsty cannibals and torn heroes, who half-heartedly decide to make a stand against human intestine eating. The runtime of thirty minutes goes by quickly and despite some clicked costumes, with a quote directly from Falling Down starring Michael Douglas, the film is entertaining and bloody.

This short involves a sharp tongued young girl who puts her hopes and dreams in to a part-time looter and thief, only known as the stranger (David Sakurai). The stranger is not up to the challenge, as a group of marauding flesh-eaters enter the run down and not worth fighting for small town. A standard evil vs. good storyline is trumped up slightly with some fun, well choreographed fight scenes and a movie quoting villain.

One of the best lines from the film comes from the character known as the leader (Danny Thykaer): "we're the same, you and me. We're the same, don't you see?" (Eastern). This same line is dialogued by another villain in the 1993 hit, Falling Down and while the dialogue is forced and out of place, the effort can be seen in the production.

Also interesting is an extended fight scene during the film's climax, which puts belief against belief, man against man, and black robed bad guy vs. white robed good guy in a final battle for the scrapyard. Of course good wins to fight another day and Eastern Army shows viewers that there are more heroes than those portrayed on drunken reality televison. Instead, there are heroes with moral dilemnas who must make a stand in cinema and in real life, as well.

Currently, the Eastern Army is running the film festival circuit with future dates to come. The film has already won a Breakout Action Star Short award at the Action on Film event in 2010, with more awards likely. An excellent first outing for director Pedersen, the Eastern Army should be checked out, as this is clearly a stepping stone for a full feature film.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10 (-1 for not enough complexity in the villain, -1 for not bringing in the real Eastern Army in the finale, -.5 for a standard conclusion).

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