Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Adder's Bite Darkening the Toronto International Film Festival September 12th

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The Toronto International Film Festival is almost ready to start and this event is highlighting several feature length and short horror films. One film which stands out from the rest is director Firas Momani's The Adder's Bite. Only nine minutes long, the film takes on topics of parasitism and relates people's dependency on each other to dark writings from the famous German philosopher Nietzsche. Have a look at two brilliant images from the film and if you are in the Toronto area The Adder's Bite first shows Sunday, September 12th. A second photo from the film is available inside.

The synopsis for The Adder's Bite:

"On the surface, all is calm. In a dark and humid cavern, an abominable ceremony to which grotesque creatures devote themselves is interrupted by the arrival of an intruder. The piercing short The Adder's Bite, inspired by the bold ideas of Nietzsche, is a visual poem that disturbs and mesmerizes" (TIFF).

Release Date: September 12th-13th (Limited Run).

Director: Firas Momani.

Cast: Colin LePage, Cliff Myers, and Dakota Roos-Adams.

The Adder's Bite at TIFF:

The Adder's Bite TIFF


The Adder's Bite at Twitch Film

Director Firas Momani is featured in this Festival Shorts Collection:

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