Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zombie Office and Bellyaches: A Short Movie Review

Director/writer: Johan A. Kruger.

The horror short "Zombie Office" is, in this opinion, the best feature in the latest and last Horror Vault anthology. The Horror Vault 3 has five stories in total, which include "A Christmas Haunting," "Undone," "Unchangeable," "The Psychomanteum," and the title, which will be reviewed here, "Zombie Office." This undead short is director Johan A. Kruger's second production at the helm and the feature offers enough comedy to make the film interesting and fun. This film stands out from the others by offering not only comedy, but a likable protagonist, who goes through the film stapling the many deadheads in the film.

The film begins with Jacob (Jonathan Baker) returning to the office only to find that a new boss has stepped in. This new head honcho has a flair for being a dominatrix and for testing her employee's resolve. In fact, Jacob spends most of his time being chased by the "Dominatrix Boss" (Sara Dee), or by her less communicative zombie cohorts. The ending is tragic and the finale pokes fun at the millions of office drones who go to work each day in a zombie-like trance.

"Zombie Office" is low budget, but the film is well-written and offers enough humourous moments to make the film re-watchable. Jacob does his best John Rambo by wearing a red bandanna and his use of the stapler as a deadly weapon is second to none. The use of comedy and a plotline involving the repetitiveness of work makes this film important amongst the four other films in The Horror Vault 3 film anthology.

This film and the ones mentioned above have been available on DVD since July 13th. The other shorts are entertaining and sometimes horrific, but none outshines Kruger's "Zombie Office." Check out this film and the others if you are in the mood for a film which offers a few light-hearted laughs along the way.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10 (-1 for the quality of film or digital, -1 for shortness, -.5 for a slightly unsatisfying ending, been seen before).

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