Tuesday, July 20, 2010

William Forsythe Commands a Rig Going Down in the Gulf of Mexico: Sound Familiar?

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How appropriate is this? An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is threatened to go down and take the oil workers in to the depths. BP will not be getting all the publicity for oil spills as the relatively new director Peter Atencio brings The Rig to DVD in 2010, with help from Anchor Bay Studios. William Forsythe (Dear Mr. Gacy), Art LaFleur ("The Mentalist"), Marcus Paulk (Take the Lead), Serah D'Laine (Parasomnia) and Stacey Hinnen (Sharpshooter) will be those trying to stay alive as a mysterious creature goes about his/her/its business of murder. Watch out BP there is someone even worse on the prowl.

The synopsis for The Rig here:

"As a hurricane rages outside, the small but experienced crew of an oil drilling rig settles in to ride out the storm. Isolated on the rig, their calm is short lived when a crew member goes missing and an extensive search proves futile. Slowly, they discover that a deadly creature is stalking the skeleton crew, eliminating them one by one. Surrounded by nothing but raging ocean, their communication severed and no way off the rig, the roughnecks try to survive the stormy night with an unrelenting force of death hunting them down" (Shock).

Release Date: October, 5th 2010 (DVD).

Director: Peter Atencio.

Writers: Scott Martin and C.W. Fallin.

Cast: Serah D'Laine, William Forsythe, Art LaFleur, Marcu T. Paulk, Stacey Hinnen, Carmen Perez, Dan Benson, Scott Martin, Jacob Bruce and Robert Zachar.

The first trailer for The Rig here:

The Rig's homepage:

The Rig's Official Website


The Rig at Shock Till You Drop


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