Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Preview the Devil's Many Denizens in The Wasteland Horror

Do you like the thrills and chills, folks? Do you like whole towns set upon by the devil's outcasts? Do you like murderous mayhem and the innocent turned in to something much more ravenous? If you do, then feast your eyes upon Travis "Mudd" Miller's (Bloodstained Romance) newest film project The Wasteland Horror. Actor Garrett Jones will lead the resistance as Jason who, with luck, will turn the devil's denizens back with those untouched by a mysterious boxes' ancient magic. Surely, you cannot wait for a tale, so grand in scheme. So, get set as Capt. Mudd sits in the director's chair and calls action this August! The gorey details are below.

The synopsis for The Wasteland Horror here:

"A younge college student, Jason, brings a Pandora like box to a collector in a small mid-western town. Unknowing the power of the box or the collectors intentions, Jason hands over the item. When the box is opened HELL is unleashed upon the town. Slowly the towns people are taken over by the evil, which drives them to a state of homicidal/suicidal beings. The evil harnesses itself into Berkley, a bad detective that likes to take the law into his own hands. Berkley leads the "taken" into a hunt for the others that are untouched by the box. Jason and the others have to strive to put the evil back where it belongs before they fall victim and are sacrificed to the box" (Miller).

Release Date: October 1st, 2010.

Director: Travis "Mudd" Miller.

Producer: Will Clevinger

Cast: Garrett Jones.

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