Saturday, July 17, 2010

Macabre Director Mudd Miller Reveals Details on Zombie Apocalyptic Thriller Rage Plague

Capt. Miller is at again. Recently, director Miller posted some news on his feature The Wasteland Horror for 28DLA (here). Now, this king of the macabre will take on a novel adaptation of Anthony Giangregorio's "Dead Rage." This newest project is called Rage Plague and, true to Giangregorio's novel, involves a zombie apocalypse in which a maniac attempts to control the dead to kill the remaining living. This film is in early production and will be shot by Mudd's own company, Mudd Miller Productions. The film's synopsis is below along with the novel's original plot summary inside.

The synopsis for Rage Plague here;

"An unknown virus spreads across the globe, turning ordinary people into ravenous killers. Only a small population proves to be immune, but most quickly fall prey to the infected. Isolated on the rooftop of a school near the outskirts of Chicago, Bill Thompson and a small band of survivors come to the frightening realization that, without food or water, they will perish quickly under the hot sun.

Some wish to migrate to a safer, more plentiful refuge, but the school is surrounded by rampaging murderers. Without a plan, Bill and his group don’t stand a chance. Their only hope lies in their one advantage over the infected: their ability to think.


Not far away, a leader rises amongst the psychos, a man stricken by the virus yet still intelligent and in control. His need to destroy humankind becomes an obsession, and he rallies an army of killers to seek out and destroy all who remain unchanged. Now Bill and his fellow survivors not only need a safe haven, they must also escape legions of hungry infected. But the virus and its hosts will find them, no matter where they hide, because even sanctuary has its perils.

Director: Travis B. Miller.

Writers: Travis B. Miller (adaptation) and Anthony Giangregorio (novel, characters).

Anthony Giangregorio's novel can be seen here (center):

Dead Rage at Living Dead Press

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