Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Horror Thriller Needle to Premiere in Perth August 27th

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Australia is in no short supply of horror features for 2010. Already released or in the process of being released are Damned by Dawn, Road Kill, Prey, Crush, and now the supernatural thriller Needle. Written by John V. Soto (Crush) and Anthony Egan (Mortal Fools), the film is not expected to release until 2011, but Needle will make a surprise stop at the 2010 Cinefest 2010 Oz Film Festival beginning August 27th (Soto). Oz Fest' takes place in Perth and in celebration of the premiere, the film has a new poster seen left. Get set to for supernatural mayhem as an 18th Century mechanical device makes short work of several shocked college students (Soto). The film's trailer is inside with more details on Cinefest 2010 below.

The full synopsis for Needle here:

"Ben Rutherford, a young college student, inherits a small antique machine known as "La Vaudou Vaudou Mort" from his late father's estate. He shows the mysterious machine off to a group of his close friends who are suitably impressed, but he returns to his dorm room one day to find that the machine has gone missing! He suspects that one of his friends has stolen it, but who? The next day his estranged older brother Marcus, a forensic photographer, turns up with some terrible news - Ben's best friend, Ryan, has been gruesomely killed, ripped apart from the inside by some unexplainable force…

Professor Banyon, Ben's archaeology teacher, informs him that La Vaudou Mort was built in the 1800's by a man known only as "Rubinstein", a brilliant but disturbed engineer who was a devout follower of the occult. He reveals that the machine was created as a tool for revenge, supposedly harnessing the supernatural powers of voodoo. It's not long before more of his friends start being dispatched one-by-one by an unseen and vengeful killer. As the body count grows, Ben must reunite with Marcus in a race to uncover the killer's motivation and identity before they too become victims" (Needle)!

Release Date: 2011 (through Lightning Entertainment).

Director: John V. Soto.

Writers: John V. Soto and Anthony Egan.

Cast: Jane Badler, Michael Dorman, Jessica Marais, Tahyna Tozzi, Ben Mendelsohn and Trilby Glover.

The official trailer for Needle here:

Needle at Cinefest 2010:

Needle at Cinefest

The Needle homepage:

The Needle Official Website

The film on Facebook:

Needle on FB

Another feature by John V. Soto - Crush (very good):

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