Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cancer Chooses Another Victim in Director Robbie Bryan's Latest

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Several former cast and crew members from the horror film iMurders will re-team for a dramatic thriller entitled Choose, including director Robbie Bryan (seen left). This picture will be a short and honour those who have lost their battle with cancer. Shooting begins shortly and this short film will star Deborah Twiss (Kick-Ass), Carter Roy (Inheritance), Michael J. Burg (The Brave One) and horror screamlette Brooke Lewis (Slime City Massacre). Choose involves a couple who are "looking forward to the birth of their first child," (Lewis) when cancer strikes the pregnant mother, Terri. Will Terri survive long enough to give birth? Fans will have to hold their breath until later this year when production finishes and director Bryan announces the release date. In the meantime become acquainted with the film's synopsis and crew line-up below.

The synopsis on Choose here:

"Terri and Jonah Connelly seem to have it all and are looking forward to the birth of their first child, when tragedy strikes. Terri is diagnosed with a malignant, fast growing brain tumor. Determined not to be treated until the baby can be delivered through c-section and sustain on its own, Terri collapses and is rushed to the hospital, unconscious. Alone, Jonah must then make the unbearable choice of saving the life of his beloved wife or unborn child, but he cannot save both. This dramatic short puts the audience on a wild, emotional ride, getting inside the mind of Jonah and asking the moviegoer what he or she would do, put in this gut-wrenching circumstance. The story tackles moral, ethical, spiritual and medicinal questions, asking the viewer to do what Jonah must do...Choose" (Lewis).

Director: Robbie Bryan.

Producers: Christie Botelho, and Robbie Bryan.

Co-Producer: Stephanie Yuhas.

Composer: Andrew Hollander

Cast: Deborah Twiss, Carter Roy, Michael J. Burg, and Brooke Lewis.

The film's production company:

Good to Be Seen Films

Brooke Lewis PR' courtesy of Philly Chick Productions:

Philly Chick Productions

Bryan's previous endeavour:

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