Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can Shambling Zombies Bring About the End of the Living in this Clip and Poster?

Dead Genesis is a zombie flavoured film, which has been flying under the radar for some time now. The film has had a premiere back in April and now the film has a new promotional poster, which shows some of the characters for the film. The film's one-sheet shows a war between the living and the dead, but how easy would fighting shamblers, or slow moving zombies really be?

In the trailer below for the film, the age-old, Romero inspired zombies are used, which could only really capture a seventy year old woman and not anyone who could move faster than 2-3 km an hour. This argument has been made before. However, using shamblers to take over the land of the living is, simply, unbelievable. Take inspiration from Danny Boyle in 28 Days Later, or even Romero's later zombies in the Land of Dead who have intelligence and attack en masse for realism. Fast moving zombies, or intelligent deadheads are basically more threatening and only they have the potential to infect others; shamblers do not have this ability.

The synopsis here:

"Seven months have passed since the dead took over. Many cities and states have been abandoned and left to die. Several self sufficient hunting groups have been established to take on the threat in a war aptly referred to as the "War on Dead." Jillian Hurst, a former news writer and amateur documentarian, has set out to make a pro-war propaganda film to support the W.O.D. She joins up with a pack of renegade hunters known infamously to North America as the deadheads. The moral dynamics and hardships of fighting in a war against the undead are told from several different perspectives" (Dead Genesis).

Release Date: August 12th (One Night Only, More Details Below).

Director and writer: Reese Eveneshen.

Cast: Emily Alatalo, Lionel Boodlal, Colin Paradine, Erin Stuart, Tom Parkinson, Alex Mallari Jr., and Paige Albrecht.

The trailer for Dead Genesis here:

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