Monday, June 21, 2010

True Nature Brings Violence and Abduction to Atlanta August 13th

True Nature is one of several films that will show at The Atlanta Horror Film Festival and True Nature stands out by adding a mysterious disappearance of a troubled young girl. Comparing itself to the "edgy fare of Polanski, Kubrick...and American films of the 1970s," True Nature has some big shoes to fill and some big expectations to meet (True Nature). The trailer below for the film does show some strong themes of wealth, advantage, and the vulnerability of anyone, regardless of class, to violence and abduction. But, whether director Patrick Steele's picture is on par with Kubrick will be seen August 13th. Have a watch of Steele's (Toss of a Coin) latest in this clip below and have a look at The Atlanta Horror Film Festival's full schedule also inside.

The synopsis for True Nature here:

"The Pascal family has it all - wealth, power, privilege, but their picture perfect lives change forever when their college-athlete daughter, Marianne, disappears one night while running. She mysteriously returns a year later with no memory of what happened to her and struggles to resume a normal life, despite being haunted by strange, violent visions. Marianne soon learns that her presence threatens to expose the secrets and fragile lies by which her family has lived. The world the Pascals have built starts to unravel the closer Marianne gets to discovering that somewhere between life and death lies the truth" (True Nature).

Release Date: August 13th, 2010 (One Night Showing).

Director/writer: Patrick Steele.

Producers: Ann Rotolante, Beth Duke, and Patrick Steele.

Cast: Carolyn McCormick, Marianne Porter, Reg Land, and David Darlow.

The full trailer for True Nature here:

The True Nature official website:

True Nature Official Website

True Nature on Facebook:

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