Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sickness Now Halfway in to Shooting

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Saint Sinner Entertainment is producing The Sickness and this film is now well in to shooting. Starring are Damien Colletti (Bloodbath in the House of Knives), Laura L. Cottrel (Decoy), and Gary Gustin (NothingFace). Two exclusive stills from the film are here and The Sickness involves a rampant,fatal disease and the few survivors that are left. All the details on this project are below, or at the Saint Sinner Entertainment website also inside.

The synopsis for The Sickness here:

"One day, part of the world goes mad, completely, insane! They have the sickness! A few survivors from the area escape to a farmhouse barn with hordes of rabid crazed people right outside and all around the area. They are hungry for flesh and blood. Many have lost loved ones and family members during this process called survival. It is truly a sad day and many fear it could also be their last day. How will these virtual strangers who have banded together survive, or will they? Only time will tell" (The Sickness).

Director/writer: Brandon E. Brooks.

Cast: Laura Lynn Cottrel, Gary Gustin, Damien Colletti, Fallon Maressa, Matt Kent, and Janet Searfoss, Suzi Lorraine, Raine Brown, and Ruby Larocca

Producers: Brandon E. Brooks, Amel J. Figueroa, and Fallon Maressa.

Editing: Editor: Amel J. Figueroa.

The Sickness at Saint Sinner Entertainment:

The Sickness at Saint Sinner


The Sickness at Geek Tyrant

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