Thursday, June 03, 2010

If a Tree Falls Character Posters and New Website!

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Philip Carrer's If a Tree Falls is showing a couple character posters which show one of the antagonists and another - much prettier protagonist. The film is gearing up for a 2010 release and If a Tree Falls has also posted a new website for the film where all the grisly photos from the shoot can be seen. Become a fan of the film below and re-watch the official trailer for this Canadian horror indie film that is sure to deliver blood effects later this year.

A partial synopsis for the film:

"In Canada, about eight percent of all homicide incidents are murder-suicides. Ninety percent of murder-suicides were family-related. Brad, Will, Nessa and Lisa are four lifelong family friends in their twenties who set out to cross Eastern Canada for a family reunion through the scenic countryside on a blistering hot summer day. The trouble begins when they find an appealing place to stop for the night. The group thinks they have found the perfect haven, when they are awakened by strange noises in the forest (If a Tree)."

Release Date: 2010.

Director: Philip Carrer.

Writer: Ryan Barrett.

Cast: Ryan Barrett, Jennifer De Lucia, Breanne teBoekhorst, and Daniel Zuccala.

A clip for If a Tree Falls here:

If a Tree Falls homepage:

If a Tree Falls Official Website

Several stills from the film can be seen here on 28DLA:

If a Tree Falls Article w/Stills

Join the film's fansite and support quality Canadian independent filmmaking:

If a Tree Falls on FB

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