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The Man Behind the Camera: Director Paco Plaza Discusses [Rec] 2 and More

Paco Plaza is a Spanish born director and writer from Valencia. Plaza was born Francisco Plaza Trinidad and his filmography covers over eleven films. His most recognized and award winning film is [Rec] from 2007; this film has received at least fifteen awards, including winning the Audience Award at the European Film Awards, and this film has already led to three sequels ([Rec] Genesis - 2011). Now, Plaza takes a timeout from a busy premiere and interview schedule to talk about his latest film and the sequel to [Rec], [Rec] 2 from Magnet Releasing. Also, Plaza provides a glimpse ahead to the next two sequels including [Rec] Genesis. Have a listen to this exclusive interview below.

(Michael Ross Allen) Hi Paco - thanks for answering some questions today.

Paco, you have received several awards for your writing and directing on [Rec] including the Silver Scream Award at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (2008) and the Fantasia Ground-Breaker Award at the Fant-Asia Film Festival (2008). Does winning these types of awards and receiving recognition motivate you to create further film productions, or is it your passion for filmmaking which drives you on?

(Plaza) "It is all about the passion, but it is much better winning those awards than not, of course, but they just must be taken as a stimulus to keep working hard."

(MRA) Passion fuels creativity that is for sure! However, without fan recognition would you continue to make films?

(Plaza) "As long as I found a producer who does not care about the money, then yes."

(MRA) Maybe I could be your producer then - laughs. Now, your latest film [Rec] 2 begins right where [Rec] left off - plus or minus a few minutes. Were there some other routes you were planning on taking with the film, which would take place farther in the future, or in the past?

(Plaza) "Yes, they will be explored in [Rec] 3 and [Rec] 4, but forgive me if I cannot give any clues on those."

(MRA) That is alright. So [Rec] 2 takes some of its mythos from Catholic religious motifs to explain a rampant virus in an isolated location. Having only seen [Rec], can you tell me and readers what the exact origin of the outbreak is? If the virus is religious in origins are you alluding to a darker side of the film that might involve manipulations by the devil, or something more sinister?

(Plaza) "Exactly - yes, that is the background we created; at the end of the first REC we somehow gave a lot of clues, in the tape, in the newspapers on the wall…everything was already there. The origin of everything is the evil possession of a little girl in Portugal back in the 90’s."

(MRA) Ah, I see. That adds some good context for [Rec] 2.

Now, the Video-on-demand for [Rec] 2 was released June 4th on Xbox Live, Playstation, Amazon and Vudu - already the reception for the film has been positive. Are you surprised at all at the welcome you are receiving from North American film fans to a Spanish language film? Will you be in North America for the film's premiere in theatres July 9th?

(Plaza) "I am really happy to hear so!!! As a matter of fact, I am answering this interview in a flight to L.A. I will be there with king size popcorn!"

(MRA) Finally, Paco, what projects are you currently working on? Will there be future horror titles from yourself?

(Plaza) "We are working on 2 more Rec films [Jaume Balaguero]. The first will begin production next November."

(MRA) Thanks so much Paco for answering these questions. I, and my readers, look forward to more titles in the [Rec] series!

(Plaza) "Thanks!"

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Interview by E-mail. Paco Plaza. June 28th, 2010.

Facilitated by Corrie Hirokawa. Publicist at Magnet Releasing. June 28th, 2010.

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