Friday, June 25, 2010

The Killing Strain Turns a World in to Ruins with this Clip

Helicopters hover, whole cities burn, and hordes of the viral charge the uninfected in this The Killing Strain trailer. The film is a "Texas zombie thriller" of 105 minutes from director Daniel Maldonado (The Killing Strain). This is Maldonado's first feature and the story involves a man-made virus that spreads quickly from person to person. Soon, character's friends, brothers, and lovers are turned in to bloody ghouls, with a desire to infect others their only motivation. Watch the infection explode in this The Killing Strain clip below.

The synopsis for the film here:

"A man-made virus, The Killing Strain-- an out-of-control swine flu-- turns infected humans into raging monsters. As it rapidly spreads, a group of uninfected survivors must make life-or-death decisions before the U.S. military firebombs the area in a desperate attempt contain the contagion. The survivors are unaware that the virus has already reached their group-- by infecting one of them-- and now the merciless metamorphic process has begun.

Director: Daniel Maldonado.

Writers: Allen Green, and Daniel Maldonado.

Cast: Tom Lagleder, Nina Leon, Venda D'Abato, Rick Carrillo, and Lisa Marie Kull.

The full trailer for The Killing Strain here:

The homepage for The Killing Strain:

The Killing Strain Official Website


The Killing Strain on Quiet Earth

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