Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greedy Green Guys Fall Hard in this First Trailer

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Green Guys is a crime thriller that has moved in to post-production with a new trailer available here. In the film four young men create a ponzi scheme, or a pyramid styled investment structure, which soon crumbles due to corruption and infighting (Green). The first trailer below shows how credibility is more important than quick rich schemes in the financial markets as the characters battle to stay alive and financially afloat.

The synopsis for Green Guys here:

"Green Guys is a film about four young con artists that start a top-secret ponzi scheme - and are torn apart by their own greed and corruption" (Green).

Release Date: 2010.

Director/writer: Cole Mueller.

Executive Producer: Sean Meier.

Producers: Ryan Bragg, Sean Meier, Cole Mueller, Bryan Chesin, Megan Takimoto, Dane Delima, and Desmond Dolly.

Cast: Kris Lemche, David J. Phillips, Christopher Redman, Darrel Davenport, Nathan Marlow, Roberto Sanchez, William Russ, Samantha Gutstadt, Letron, and Shaelen Burroughs.

The full length trailer for Green Guys here:

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