Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eyes Beyond to Play at The Atlanta Horror Film Festival for 2010

Daniel Reininghaus' Eyes Beyond is announcing festival particpation at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival August 13th and The International Film Festival of South Africa later this year (Eyes). This independent short from Spotlight Nation Films focuses on the Morales' brothers who invite the Roger's family over for a neighbourly dinner. Yet, the main course is not your usual cuisine, as the brothers torture and humiliate their guests for an unknown purpose. Watch the clip for Eyes Beyond below with stars Robert Nolan, Kelly-Marie Murtha, and others fighting for their lives!

A short synopsis for this twenty-five to twenty-six minutes film:

"The Morales' brothers invite their next door neighbours over for dinner but dinner turns out to be a spiraling nightmare for the Roger's family" (Eyes).

Release Date: August 13th (Limited Run at The Atlanta Horror Film Festival).

Director/writer: Daniel Reininghaus.

Producers: Elizabeth Rizzuto and Daniel Reininghaus.

Cast: Daniel Reininghaus, Robert Nolan, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Danielle Barker, Evan Eisenstadt, Talon "D" Roach, and Deanna Palazzo.

The trailer for Eyes Beyond here:

The Eyes Beyond Homepage:

The Eyes Beyond Homepage

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Eyes Beyond on Facebook

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