Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Clemency to Screen at the Rainier Independent Film Festival June 11th

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Director Joseph Albanese has come up with something sinister in his independent horror short Clemency. The independent horror review site Horror Society states of Clemency in a review "a tale of such intensity" (Horror). This tale is eighteen minutes long and introduces the "sadistic killer" Aruthur Poe to audiences, who receives a reprieve from prison after a Governor's intervention (Clemency). Shown at dozens of film festivals, Clemency's next stop is the Rainier Independent Film Festival in Washington State and from early reviews this is one show not to be missed!

The synopsis for Clemency here:

"Arthur Poe (Cris D’Annunzio) is a sadistic killer who likes to torture his victims. In 1993, he was captured and subsequently convicted by the state of Virginia for several gruesome murders. Poe received a sentence of death. Years later and days before his execution, the newly elected governor granted Poe clemency based on a testimony given by a forensic psychologist during Poe’s murder trial. The testimony convinced the governor that Poe deserved psychiatric care rather than death. Many were outraged by the governor’s act of leniency. A reporter (Maury Morgan) confronts Poe in an interview seeking to shed light on the emotionally charged topic. What she learns can never be forgotten or forgiven" (Clemency).

Release Date: June 11th (Limited Run).

Director: Joseph Albanese.

Writers: Joseph Albanese, and Charlie Frazier.

Cast: Maury Morgan, Cris D'Annunzio, Gerald Brodin, Anthony Ray Parker, Brittany Shaw, and Zarah Mahler.

You are highly encourage to view the trailer for Clemency here:

The Clemency Homepage w/Trailer

Clemency at the Rainier Film Festival here:

Clemency at the RIFF

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Clemency at Horror Society

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