Monday, June 07, 2010

A City in Flames in Dan Rickard's Zombie Epic Darkest Day

This is an early glimpse at Dan Rickard's latest independent feature Darkest Day, which was five years in the making. The feature is of British origins and calls itself a "self funded zero-budget" production (Darkest). The lack of financing is not shown in the film's cinematography nor the trailer, where an entire town goes up in flames. Very late in post-production, this undead styled horror feature has two trailers available, one of which is below, and Darkest Day takes a focused look at a rampaging virus as central character Dan wakes on a deserted beach "with no memory" (Bloody).

The synopsis for Darkest Day here:

"Dan wakes up on a beach with no memory. He discovers an evacuated city ravaged by a deadly virus, completely deserted apart from a small group of survivors who give him shelter. It soon becomes clear that the army are trying to hunt him down and his new friends are now in danger. Forced to evacuate the safety of their home they embark on a extremely dangerous journey to escape the city" (Bloody).

Release Date: 2010-2011.

Director/writer: Dan Rickard.

Cast: Chris Wandel, Samantha Bolter, Christianne Van Wijk and Simon Drake.

The full feature trailer for Darkest Day here. An alternate teaser trailer can be found at the film's website below.

Darkest Day feature film trailer from City 17 Productions on Vimeo.

The Darkest Day on Facebook:

Darkest Days Fan Page

The Darkest Day homepage with alternate trailer:

Darkest Days' Official Website


Darkest Days at Bloody Disgusting

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