Thursday, June 24, 2010

2084 and Hope: A Movie Review

Directors/writers: George Blumetti and Maurice Kelly.

The Kelly Blumetti Entertainment Group is the brains behind the post-apocalyptic thriller 2084 and the brawn came from a group of United States paratroopers who partially funded this scientific horror production. Completed this year, 2084 is an eighty three minute peak in to the future where a West Nile type virus has run rampant and forced survivors to stay in their house. Tense, terse, and full of terror, 2084 is an excellent production from Kelly Blumetti and while many of the characters are very unlikeable, the film puts normal people in situations where they must make moral choices. The film ask viewers to do the same.

Clara (Betsy Baker) asks her daughter Sandy (Jaimi Paige) and viewers "when are you going to wise up" (2084)? Seventy-four years in to the future water is unsurprisingly short in supply and food is even scarcer. In order to survive a deadly epidemic some characters resort to fiendish lows, while others hold their head high in hopes for a better tomorrow. That better tomorrow seems an impossibility until two survivors break in to a quarantined apartment complex with evidence of a safe, uninfected zone. Who will survive, those who have wised up and sunk to personal lows, or those who have taken the more difficult high road?

The entertainment site "Stuff We Like" says of the film's central plot: "how far would you be willing to go to ensure your next meal?" This same question is posed to viewers. The dark lighting, confining rooms and hallways, and twenty plus years living in the same dank space might change some people's answer to this question. Cabin fever taken to the extreme, characters in 2084 truly have lost their mind and the characterizations mostly convey this claustrophobic feel. 2084 is one case of matricide short of complete viewing satisfaction as one mother takes emotional abuse to new levels. Apart from this, the setting, writing, and acting create for a believable time far in to the future. Trust this reviewer - this is not a future you want to be a part of outside of fantasy!

Tension in 2084 is built with the conflicted interactions between a low-life apartment manager and his dwindling residents who rely on him for their daily rations. Yet, the supplier of rations, the Department of Virus Control, has become unreliable and the dialogue intensifies with hints of frustration, anger and resentment. The hostility of the film resonates and will be relayed to viewers early in the film as the thrilling nature of 2084 reveals itself through violent conflict.

The Kelly Blumetti Entertainment Group will also be distributing 2084 to horror and science fiction fans later this year and hopefully this review has sparked your interest in this project. A specific release date for this project has not been announced; however, the quality of the film speaks for itself and surely the film will have a limited theatrical run with a release on both DVD and Blu-Ray likely. A trailer for the film is provided below. Those with an interest in psychological science fiction thrillers involving difficult ethical decisions need to keep 2084 in mind until released later this year.

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