Friday, May 21, 2010

Lifeless Goes Viral for Film Friday

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"Lifeless" is a television series that was produced by David and Eli Sasich in 2008 and the three shows that are available now are a welcome addition to Film Friday. This series began with a vision to produce several more episodes, however, only three have been completed. Fearnet has premiered the series online and the film is available free for horror enthusiasts below. In the picture, the world is in chaos where a Bird-flu like pandemic has spiraled out of control across a global population and turned many of those remaining into homicidal maniacs. A few uninfected survivors band together in a high rise apartment building, while searching for a solution to a decimated and infected population below. Take a moment to enjoy one of television's finest zombie series since "Dead Set" (if the series does not play right away read the comments for a solution). More details on "Lifeless" below.

The synopsis for "Lifeless" here:

"A global pandemic has decimated the population and left the cities deserted. When a handful of survivors find themselves stranded in the aftermath, with the dead returning to life, they must rely on each other to live in a world overrun by the walking dead" (Lifeless).

Release Date: Now (Fearnet).

Director: David Sasich, and Eli Sasich.

Writer: David Sasich.

Cast: Steve Andruzzi, William Ferrer, David Fetzer, Bill Gillane, Bob Lanoue, and Lauren McKnigh.

Episode one is here:

Lifeless at Fearnet

More details on "Lifeless" here:

Lifeless Homepage

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