Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Dead Bones DVD Giveaway Courtesy of Olivier Beguin

*Contest closed May 28th

Dead Bones is a horror short from director Olivier Beguin that puts Ken Foree in the role of a cannibalistic eater and killer. Also, A bounty hunter does his best to track down a wanted man and now several copies of this film are available here through a DVD giveaway. The DVD features a "Making of" featurette (30 mins') and a photo gallery. The film is available in several languages and unfortunately the format is PAL or region 2 (Europe) - only playable in region free DVD players, or on computers with adapters e.g. VLC Media Player. So, if you are still interested enter the contest by reading the contest liability below and answering two questions from the film. Both of the answers for the quiz can be found by entering Dead Bones into the search button above. More details on the film here.

The short synopsis for Dead Bones:

"A bounty hunger looking for a couple of no good criminals finds himself in a dusty old western town searching for an easy reward. He finds more than he bargained for when the local butcher lets him in on the secret meat that has a hankerin' for him (28DLA)!"

Release Date: February 19, 2010 (Limited Theatrical).

Director/writer: Olivier Beguin.

Cast: Arie Verveen, Frederic Landenberg, Ken Foree, Yannick Merlin, and Yannick Rosset.

Some behind the scenes footage for Dead Bones can be seen here:

Dead Bones Homepage

The film can be purchased here:

Dead Bones DVD Details

*Contest Details

*Release and Indemnification:

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1) How long is Dead Bones?

2) How many gnawed arms did Dead Bones receive in the review found here entitled: "Dead Bones is Tasty: A Movie Review?"


Send an email to 28dayslateranalysis[at]gmail.[com] with your name and mailing address inside and put "Dead Bones Contest" in the subject line.

Thanks and gl.

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