Friday, May 21, 2010

The Dead Awaken in the Deserts of Africa in this One-Sheet Poster

The Dead is a film from director Howard J. Ford (Distant Shadow) that was first reported on in March of 2009 (The Dead Intro') and the film has been generating some buzz by setting a zombie styled horror film in the backdrop of Africa. North American distribution has not been finalized, but some new movie stills and a second poster can be seen here that will surely excite some fans for the project. If you like the idea of a mercenary crossing desert landscapes filled with the undead view an external link below that has over two dozen movie photos from the film's production.

A second synopsis for the film:

"An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a plane crash, has to run the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead. Joining forces with a local military man, desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos, they fight together to survive" (UHM).

An African zombie here stares blankly at his prey.

Release Date: Unknown.

Directors/writers: Howard J. Ford, and Jonathan Ford.

Cast: Rob Freeman, Dan Morgan, Glenn Salvage, Kian Moallemi, amir Moallemi, Katy Richardson, Julia Scott-Russell, Kerry Moallemi, Anne Davaud, Michael Kuper, David Dontoh, and John Reilly.

An early trailer for The Dead can be found here:

The Dead Here at 28DLA

Several more shots of the film can be found here:

The Dead at Upcoming Horror Films

Join the film's fan site:

The Dead on Facebook

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