Friday, May 21, 2010

Cornered with a Full Cast Line-up and Exclusive Stills from the Set

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Hunter G. Williams' Cornered has finalized a cast line-up and other participants include Heather McComb (2012: Supernova), Scott Michael Campbell (Stay Cool), and Anya Benton (6 Guns). Principal photography will be ending in the first week of June and now several exclusive movie stills from the production can be seen here which include many of the actors mentioned above.

The synopsis for Cornered here:

"The Game: Janette vs. The Stranger - Location - Janettes house. All exits are rigged with explosives, there is only one safe way out. The Stranger will give clues to the correct exit as the fight goes on. The power to the house has been cut. He has given her a gun with two rounds in it, a low powered flashlight, and a knife. The entire house will explode in 45 minutes. The stranger can only try to kill her in the last ten minutes, before that he may only defend himself. He has only a knife. To survive Janette must kill the Stranger, but not before she decodes his clues to find the exit. Brant, Carlin and Baker will jockey for position and jurisdiction, as they race to find the Stranger, and save Jannette" (28DLA).

Hunter G. Williams seen here as Detective Brant shaking down a criminal.

Heather McComb plays Janette and here a threatening force looms out of shot.

Actresses McComb and Anya Benton as Simone at G Club.

The Film's villain, known as "The Stranger," is darkly lit here and played by Ricky Onsgard.

Release Date: 2010-11.

Director: Taylor Chien.

Writer: Hunter G. Williams, and Kevin Duane Carson.

Cast: Ricky Onsgard, David Dietrich, Bill Porter, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Edin Gali, Dennis L.A. White, Summer Altice, James De Bello, Kavita Patil and Carmen Perez.

*A website and new poster are coming soon.

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