Monday, May 17, 2010

Broken Springs Provides Zombie Moonshine at Dances with Films

The Dances with Film's 2010 film schedule was released last week and one of the films that stands out is Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards, which has a trailer here. The show for Broken Springs begins June 4th at 11:45pm and the festival is located in the heart of West Hollywood. Broken Springs promises to be different by turning a whole town into "contagious cannibals" (Dances). The film has a World Premiere at the Dances with Films Film Festival and those with a taste for the bloodier film selections are invited to attend. All the available details on the film are below.

The synopsis for Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards:

"Moonshine and toxic waste do not mix. More importantly, when your neighbors are crazed contagious cannibals, it is time to get out of town. That is a tough lesson learned for three teens in the small Appalachian community of Broken Springs. Townspeople who once thirsted for local homemade "mountain dew" begin hungering for human flesh and blood. Ken, Dave and his little brother Brandon are in a race against time to save their loved ones from a hoard of cannibal zombies and get out of town - preferably without losing any body parts" (Dances).

Release Date: June 4th (Limited Run).

Director: Neeley Lawson.

Cast: Teague Quillen, Travis Moody, Brandon Jenkins, Jake LAwson, Shannon Wallen, Sean Loepp, Jeff Bobo, and Charlie Lawson.

The teaser trailer for Broken Springs here:

The Broken Springs fan page:

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Broken Springs at the Dances with Films Film Festival:


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