Wednesday, May 05, 2010

America Olivo Talks Horror Film Making

America Olivo is the daughter of Miss Canada Danica D'Hondt, a vocalist, model and an actress. America has starred in several films and television series e.g. "How I Met Your Mother," "House M.D." Recently, she has appeared in several horror or thriller films including the Friday the 13th remake, Bitch Slap, and Brandon Nutt's The Last Resort. Her accomplishments are many and America stopped by to talk quickly about two of her latest roles in horror, the serial killer epic Circle and the dramatic feature Neighbor. Have a listen as America talks about working in Hollywood and being cast for these films.

(Michael Ross Allen): From your bio', you managed to enter college from the age of sixteen. That seems a very young age to enter college. Did you skip a grade or two to enter undergrad'?

(America Olivo): "I started Kindergarden a year early and then skipped the second grade, so yes, I went through school at an earlier age than my classmates. My mother is British/Canadian and thought that the sooner I get out of my prerequisite education and on with my vocational studies, the better. She knew I was easily bored in class and wanted to keep me challenged at all times. I have carried that desire for challenge with me my whole life."

(MRA): "There are so many models and actresses in Hollywood and the surrounding area. Do you find that acting is a competitive or a collaborative endeavour?

(AO): "Acting can be both competitive and collaborative. It depends on the circumstance. During the audition period, it is definitely competitive, but once you've got the gig, hopefully, you are with a fantastic group of people who make it a collaboration."

(MRA): Your film Neighbor was at the Cinema Slaughter Horror Film Festival last week. Where you in attendance?

(AO): "I was unable to attend the Slaughter Horror Film Festival, unfortunately. I am currently finishing my album with producers, Stereo Martini, here in Toronto, and working with my husband, Christian Campbell, who also starred in Neighbor, on some projects between Toronto and New York."

(MRA) Your role in Circle was quite small (2-3 lines). Why was your role not larger in this film when you were such a central character to Neighbor?

(AO): "I was brought in to do Circle by the director, Michael W. Watkins, as a last minute cast. I received a call from him while working on another film, The Last Resort, and he said he would seen a tape of mine and needed someone to fill a particular role. While it was not a large role, the rest of the film had already been cast and this was the role calling for a funny sexy latina type character, and he felt I was a perfect fit. I was excited to work with Michael and agreed to do it based on his vision for the film, not the size of the role. My character is there for one purpose and does not drive the story line forward the way the other roles do. It would be silly to make the audience care too deeply for my character, considering her fate. Anyhow, there are no small parts... right?"

(MRA): Seems like that character's role was to be put under a blade, haha. Anyways, thanks America for stopping by and I know your schedule is quite busy. Let me know how that album goes. All the best.

(AO): "My pleasure and horror fans can see Neighbor on the film festival circuit and Circle will be coming out soon. Stay tuned for my new album!"

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