Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is Up Under the Roof will be Revealed in Newport April 24th

Up Under the Roof is one of several quality short films that will grace screens this week. What sets Up Under the Roof apart from other films is the catharsis that is felt when facing one's demons. A young boy does just that in this "dustbowl era" period piece and by looking under the roof horror fans will get the surprise of their life. Check this one out if you are in Newport this Saturday (April 24th, two screenings). For others, familiarize yourself with this suspenseful movie with a trailer below.

The synopsis for Up Under the Roof:

"During the dustbowl era on a dilapidated farm, a lonely ten-year-old boy begins hearing strange noises above his bedroom ceiling at night. The noises grow threatening as the thing in the attic becomes restless and hungry. Through a friendship with a visually impaired girl, he comes to understand that he must face this thing hiding up under the roof before it consumes him" (Newport).

Release: April 24, 2010

Director/writer: Darin Read.

Cast: Geoff Elliot, Vince Froio, Jill Hill, Jonathan Milliken, and Shawna Youngquist.

The trailer for Up Under the Roof here:

More details on UUTR at the film's homepage:

Up Under the Roof Homepage


Up Under the Roof at Newport

Up Under the Roof on Trailer Addict

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