Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Re-Cut into Small Pieces

Bloody Disgusting has found a new trailer for the independent horror film Re-Cut. In this clip two girls display youthful innocence and then the track is interspersed, slowly over time, with disturbing images of brutality. Seems like someone is screaming about horror from their childhood, as anonymous bodies bloat and decompose in oil drums. Although, the film's synopsis says something entirely different. More details soon on this Fritz Manger directed film.

The synopsis for Re-Cut here:

"When twin girls are found dead in their family's barn, an aspiring reporter and her de-facto camera crew are dispatched to rural Wisconsin to investigate the gruesome deaths. In their relentless drive to break the story, the reporters become entangled in a deadly mystery and uncover the small town's shocking secret. Edited together from the crew's multiple cameras, the film documents their struggle to survive the most terrifying night of their lives and becomes the only evidence of a crime too horrific to imagine."

Release Date: April 17th.

Director: Fritz Manger.

Writer: Dylan Manger, and Fritz Manger.

Director of photography: Adam Silver.

Producer: Adam Silver, Fritz Manger, Jonathan Haug, Max Osswald, and Dylan Manger.

Cast: Meredith Phillips, Ross Kohn, Austin Basis, Chris Redman, Rich Trapp, and Jeff Kober.

More info' on this film at the Re-Cut website (trailer):

Re-Cut Homepage with Trailer


Re-Cut at Bloody Disgusting

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