Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In My Sleep Opens in LA and NYC April 23rd

In My Sleep will be premiering in Los Angeles and New York beginning April 23rd, with further locations possible. In My Sleep is a film from director and writer Allen Wolf, which puts character Marcus (Philip Winchester) in some compromising situations. Afflicted with parasomnia, Marcus continues to act even in his sleep as can be seen in the three clips below. Also, if you are interested in attending the premieres a link has been provided with further info' on the premiere locations.

The synopsis for In My Sleep here:

"Marcus wakes up in the middle of a cemetery half naked and has no idea how he got there. Urgent questions pound inside his head. "Where was I last night? Who was I with?" Marcus suffers from parasomnia, a rare sleep disorder which causes him to do things in his sleep which he cannot remember the next day. His situation takes a horrifying turn when Marcus wakes up covered in blood with a knife at his side. Then, the wife of his best friend is found stabbed to death. Marcus is terrified to put together the pieces, could he have murdered her in his sleep to hide a dark secret between them? His journey to discover the truth ends in a shocking discovery" (In My Sleep).

Release: April 23, 2010.

Director/writer: Allen Wolf.

Cast: Philip Winchester, Tim Draxl, Lacey Chabert, Abigail Spencer, Beth Grant, Kelly Overton, Michael Badalucco, Tony Hale, Kevin Kilner, Amy Aquino, Aidan Mitchell, Marcell Larice, and Allan Wasserman.

A movie clip entitle "Use Wisely:"

This second clip is called "Birthday:"

Marcus wakes up with his best friend's wife in "What Did We Do?"

Theatre locations for the April 23rd premieres:

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