Monday, April 19, 2010

Go with Godspeed to Purchase this Film April 20th on DVD

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Godspeed was recently in New York for a premiere (March 26) and then in Los Angeles (April 9); now, the film is available to a wider audience on DVD. The film releases April 20th and fans of the dramatic will enjoy this family based thriller. Seems like the isolation of Alaska leads to the dissolution of one man's marriage at the end of a bottle. Things don't get much happier when this same man, Charles, is asked to help a dying man whose son's gun-toting ways put everyone on edge (Godspeed). Have a look at the trailer and then buy yourself a copy of Godspeed at the link below.

A very long synopsis for Godspeed here:

"Charlie Shepard (Joseph McKelheer) is a modern day faith healer, a man who claims that if you let go and believe, then his power to heal is very real indeed. Living hand-to-mouth with his young son and wife Rebecca (Jessie Ward), Charlie ekes out a meager living from his "healing" sessions in a small Alaskan town. With his marriage failing, and an old drinking habit coming back to haunt him, his family is brutally murdered by unknown assailants for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Six months later, Charlie has abandoned his former life and the house his family lived in, moving through the days' slow existence more like a ghost than a man. Even local fish and game man Mitch (Ed Lauter) cannot seem to break through Charlie’s intense desolation, further arousing his own curiosity with this broken man’s plight.

Then, a young, mysterious girl named Sarah (Courtney Halverson) appears in town, and seeks out Charlie, pleading for help with her own grief-stricken father after her mother’s death. It’s here on Charlie’s journey to Sarah’s remote home, buried deep in the Alaskan wilderness, where he must eventually confront Sarah’s troubled brother Luke (Cory Knauf) -- a dark journey that will ultimately reveal the truth of his family’s killings and lead to tragic, violent consequences for all.

Release Date: April 20th, 2010 (DVD only).

Director/writer: Robert Saitzyk.

Cast: Cory Knauf, Courtney Halverson, Joseph McKelheer, Ed Lauter, Jessie Ward, Hallock Beals, Lynn A. Freedman, Ben Loosli, Ron Holmstrom and June Eck.

The second trailer for Godspeed here:

Available here:

The full plate of Godspeed details on the Godspeed homepage:

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