Saturday, April 10, 2010

Belgium's Vampires Revealed in Horror Documentary

Director Vincent Lannoo's Vampires will screen at Sci-Fi London beginning May 1st (9:30pm). The film follows a documentary crew who films the life and times of a group of vampires living in Belgium. The Belgium government supports this undead family with a steady supply of fodder e.g. illegal immigrants, and handicapped folk. The film itself moves back and forth between horror and comedy. Vampires is one of the highlights of the film festival and for those with an interest in satire there is a trailer below with more details.

A plot summary courtesy of Sci-Fi London:

"The mockumentary format has now taken on the more sophisticated, eloquent branch of the undead, as a camera crew follows a family of vampires. ‘Living’ in Belgium, a place the head of the vampire family refers to as ‘a flat land full of grey people’, they are bored by their immortality.

The family takes advantage of the country’s welfare system, while the authorities keep them fed with illegal immigrants, children and handicapped folk. Thankfully, these are traditional vampires and must keep to a strict moral code, even if the teenage daughter does want to become human. When they break the clan rules they are exiled to Canada, where even vampires have to work for a living!" (Sci-Fi).

Release Date: May 1st (Limited Run).

Director: Vincent Lannoo.

Writers: Frederique Broos, and Vincent Lannoo.

Cast: Paul Ahmarani, Julien Dore, Carlo Ferrante, and Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld.

The trailer for Vampires here (English subtitles):

vampires trailer 08.04.10 from jerome guiot on Vimeo.

More info' on Vampires at Sci-Fi London:

Vampires at Sci-Fi London

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