Sunday, February 07, 2010

Vanished Shooting for Shoreline

Shoreline Entertainment is producing the suspense thriller Vanished. Right now, the film is in production, under the direction of Michael Adante (The Line). The film will star Peta Wilson (Gardens of the Night), Jane Badler (Under a Red Moon), and David Barry (Shadows of the Past). In 2008 locations were scouted and now a synopsis is available. Described, by the production company, as a "gripping psychological thriller...[of] revenge," fans will have to sit tight until the film is completed and a release date is confirmed (Shore'). A short clip of Adante scouting locations for Vanished is below.

A synopsis for Vanished here:

"A child is kidnapped and when the kidnapper contacts the distraught parents, they’re shocked to learn the abductor is not looking for money; they want retribution" (Shoreline)!

Release Date/Completion Date: Unknown.

Director: Michael Adante.

A three minute clip of Adante scouting locations in what appears to be England (unconfirmed):


Vanished at Shoreline

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