Monday, February 08, 2010

The 9 Lives of Mara are Hellbound

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The 9 Lives of Mara will release on DVD February 9th and the film involves witchcraft and a threatening new stepmother. From director Balaji Kumar, the film is independent, with enough of a twist to keep things exciting. The first trailer reveals much of the plot and can be found below.

The synopsis for 9 Lives of Mara:

"Twelve-year-old Robin is in turmoil following the death of his mother. This is when she appears, an amorous intruder threatening to invade his home and bewitch his dad. This darkly sexual and mysterious woman appears hell-bent on becoming the children s stepmother something young Robin refuses to accept.

Encouraging him all the way is his best friend Larry, a foul-mouthed Iago to Robin s Othello. Larry s always on hand with a scary comic book or urban legend to further goad Robin in his murderous beliefs. But there is far more to both Larry and the intruder than meets the eye. Thus begins Robin s inextricable path toward insanity and murder. Using innovative visual techniques, director Balaji K. Kumar keeps us guessing with this slick and haunting Oedipal tale, 9 Lives of Mara, which speaks to our darkest fears of madness and malevolence" (UHM).

Special Features:
-Audio commentary by Kumar and Massey
-"Through the Corridors of Time" documentary by Massey about The Malleus Maleficarium
-"The 9 Lives of Lovecraft" featurette by H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival founder Andrew Migliore
-Cast interviews with Donella, Loeher and McIntosh
-Crew interviews with Kumar, producer Jina Panebianco and Massey
-Production sketches

Release Date: February 9th (DVD).

Director/writer: Balaji K. Kumar.

Cast: Chad Donella, Patrick Bauchau, Bret Loeher, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Aspen Payge.

The trailer for 9 Lives of Mara here:


The 9 Lives of Mara at the UHM

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