Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smoking This Killer Weed Can be Lethal

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Do you have a bone to pick with those bratty chavs? Would you like to get your revenge on celluloid? In case you did not know, chavs are those young teenagers, or twenty-somethings who dress gangster, ask you for money, or want to sell you drugs. In Killer Weed: The Moviethe drugs turn against the dealers/chavs, in a brutal way. The film is currently in post-production right now and the film has a pretty killer website with lots of extras to pique horror fans interest in the project. Check out the homepage below for Killer Weed: The Movie, where things go very wrong for one group of slacker chavs.

The synopsis for Killer Weed: The Movie here:

"Trendy twenty-somethings Mackie and Ollie lead an unambitious life on the Isle of Man, passing their days smoking weed and resenting the other local chavs. But when a crop of their homegrown marijuana turns the locals into zombies, their lives take a dramatic change of direction"(Killer Weed).

Release Date: Unknown.

Crew/cast: Forthcoming.

The trailer for Killer Weed: The Movie here:

More details on this independent project at the film's website:

Killer Weed Homepage


Killer Weed at Horror Society

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