Sunday, February 07, 2010

Keepsake: Movie Release Limbo

Keepsake is a film from Stormcatcher Films that made an appearance at Screamfest 2008 and then apparently fell of the edge of the world. Currently being marketed by New Films International, Keepsake seems to be in a release limbo, with no release date available. Even the film's official websites have not been updated in some time. One review from Bloody-Disgusting calls Keepsake "something shitty," while Entertainment Review states: "the acting between the two leads is extremely good" (Bloody, Enter'). So while there are some ambivalent feelings on the film, from two different camps, now is the time to release the film on DVD to let fans decide if Paul Moore's film is worth a viewing. A trailer can be found at the film's website, below.

The synopsis for Keepsake:

"Janine is a young woman on her way to a new life. However, a freak accident strands her on a deserted highway and a call for help soon becomes a fight for survival.

Stalked and tormented by a psychotic tow truck driver, Janine soon finds herself trapped in a world of torture and depravity. Imprisoned in a cellar and given only thirty days to live, Janine must contend with both the ghosts of her past and the demons of her present in an effort to survive her ordeal (Storm)."

Release Date: Good question.

Director/writer: Paul Moore.

Cast: Robert Pralgo, Courtney Hogan, Ashley Nicole Hudson, Barry Ellenberger, and Sunny La Rose.

A movie trailer at the Keepsake homepage:

Keepsake Homepage


Keepsake Movie Review at Bloody Disgusting

Keepsake at Entertainment News

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