Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get Sensored then Enter to Win a Signed Poster from Robert Picardo!

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Producer of Sensored, Jo Haskin has sent along two 18" x 12" signed posters to be given away here at 28DLA.com. Actor Robert Picardo has signed both posters and they are available to readers and fans here. The posters are exactly the same as the image shown left only slightly better with Picardo's monogram gracing the upper left hand corner. If you are interested in entering the contest, for the poster, simply watch the trailer for Sensored below and follow the instructions to be entered in the draw. Winners will be picked at random and notified here.

The synopsis for Sensored:

"Children's book author Wade Mixon is trying to keep his frayed mind from unraveling. His stability and lucidity are in question, and his thoughts are increasingly being invaded by the terror of this murderous past and present. Wade's battle with his own demons causes him to believe there is a conspiracy against him. The line between reality and delusion is steadily growing more and more uncertain and the fight between good and evil within his mind is beginning to dilute any chance he has at living in the here and now. In the balance hangs Wade's only shred of existence, his legacy, and he will stop at nothing to prove its reality.

Release Date: April 27th (Blu-Ray/DVD).

Director: Ryan Todd.

Writer: Kevin Haskin.

Cast: Sarah Knowlton, Brian Rife, Michelle Page, David Fine, Chase Anthony Hodge, Christopher Michael Holley, and Mary Mackey.

The trailer for Sensored here:

**To enter the contest send your first initial, last name, mailing details, and Sensored Contest in the subject line to 28dayslateranalysis[at]gmail[dot]com - to be entered in the draw**

Contest closed due to lack of entries/interest.

And Blu-Ray:

More info' on Sensored at the film's website below.

Sensored Homepage

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