Monday, February 22, 2010

The Double Born Contest Winners!

There are two winners for The Double Born contest. The winners are M. Ashwell and D. Ibave of the United States. Congratulations and your DVDs of The Double Born will be sent out shortly. Check out the positive review for The Double Born right here (The Double Born Review). For those unfamiliar with the contest, or the story of the film a trailer is below.

A synopsis for The Double Born here:

"A woman is tortured by the sudden disappearance of her only child years before. Obsessed with having another baby, she is devastated and driven to emotional crisis when discovering her new husband is infertile. Gripped by despair, the woman begins to resign herself to the bitter likelihood of never having another child. Striking up a friendship with two discarded young laborers hired to re-paint her son's now silent room, the three lost souls form a disturbing bond as the boys are led deeper into the woman's tormented world. Her family's suspicions of this unsettling new friendship sets off an irreversible series of events, leading to madness and murder as the horrors of the past collide with the sins of the present, ending in tragedy and terror" (IMDB).

Release Date: January 26th

Director/writer: Tony Randel.

Cast: Sammi Davis, Jon Lindstrom, Jake Bern, Alex Weed, Jenny Dare Paulin and Lindsey Girardot.

The trailer for The Double Born here:

More info' on The Double Born at The Painted Bird website (production co'):

Painted Bird Website

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