Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sport the Dreamkiller Look!

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Dreamkiller will be out in theatres in a limited fashion on February 19th. To help with the premiere 28DLA will be giving away two t-shirts to a randomly selected viewer who sends an e-mail to the link listed below. For those unfamiliar with the project, Dreamkiller involves overcoming one's fear. The story was pulled from Nazi experiments performed upon those unlucky enough to be part of the Holocaust. Finding positives in dark material Dreamkiller will have some specific theatre locations for the premiere at a later date. Enter the contest below.

A synopsis for Dreamkiller here:

"Two doctors embark on a research project to cure fear-ridden, phobic patients of all varieties. Just as fame and honor creep into the lives of Doctor Nicholas Nemet (Dario Deak), and Doctor Marvin Stalberg (John Colton), a series of murders occurs among cured patients which mirror the victims’ initial homicidal fears."

Director: Catherine C. Pirotta.

Writer: Clyde Ware, and Stephane Mermet.

Cast: John Colton, Penny Drake, Kelly Chambers, Diandra Newlin and Tyrone Power Jr.

The trailer has already been posted here:

Dreamkiller Trailer

Those interested in the contest can contact 28DLA here:

*Contest Closed*

Visit the Dreamkiller website here:

Delaware Pictures

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