Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone Else and Breadth: A Short Film Review

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Director/writer: Andrew Newall.

Someone Else is a film of paranoia and delusions. With a running time of four minutes, the film is the shortest this site has seen, but the delivery of a somewhat obsessive compulsive personality by Karen Bartke is believable and well done. Although slightly confusing, horror and thriller fans will have to see this little jewel on the film festival circuit.

The synopsis involves an unnamed woman experiencing the neurotic belief that someone else is in her home. But is this all in her imagination? Not completely fleshed out, the second woman, played by, Sharon Osdin, seems to delight in the torture of the first.

The ending will leave questions, yet the short running time means that Someone Else will not stay in the synapse for long. Thrilling, and slightly gorrific the film is a recommend; however, the difficulty lies in finding a copy or screen from which to view this production, which was shot in Glasgow, Scotland.

Someone Else is ready to make a run on the film festival circuit. Likely to be shown within the Scottish area first, the film will then branch out to other locations. More details and festival locations to follow.


Someone Else at The Spinning Image