Saturday, January 23, 2010

Second Try for a Release of Roel Reine's Primal

The European Film Market is a gathering of producers, directors, and film enthusiasts that begins February 12 with panel discussions. To host a series of international horror films the EFM has already announced Caterpillar from Koji Wakamatsu will have a world premiere along with an international premier of The Killer Inside Me. Promoting films of all types to buyers, an early sneak peak can be seen of what the market has to offer. Below you will find the first trailer for Primal aka The Lost Tribe, which will be seen in Berlin. The trailer is for mature audiences only, as the short clip shows nudity, violence, an blood effects that should only be seen after at least one morning coffee. No kidding folks, the clip is brutal! Stay tuned on further developments on the EFM as the beginning of the market nears.

Release Date: February 2010.

Director: Roel Reiné.

Writer: Mark E. Davidson.

Cast: Ryan Alosio, Marc Bacher, and Maxine Bahns.

The trailer for Primal here:

*Note - The film Primal was once known as The Lost Tribe and then re-shot. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this film and further details can be found at the Quiet Earth link below.


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