Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red Canyon More than Gorgeous Views: A Movie Review

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Director: Giovanni Rodriguez.

Writers: Laura Pratt, and Giovanni Rodriguez.

Red Canyon is a thriller that was released on DVD as of December 15th and the film, while independent, offers a complex plot involving true identities and dark, dirty secrets. Truly a film that shines in the cinematography, Red Canyon offers more than other previous horror films. Starring Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints: II), Justin Hartley (Smallville), Noah Fleiss (Brick), Christine Lakin (Hottie and Nottie), and Ankur Bhatt (Dirt), Red Canyon is an easy recommend based on the acting, and pacing alone.

The film begins with Devon (Tim Draxl) and Regina (Christine Lakin) involved in a brutal beating in Cainville, Utah. Flash forward a few years and this brother and sister return to the scene of the crime to resolve a real estate deal and the events seven years past. Things come to a head when Mac (Norman Reedus) reveals some secrets that might be best left uncovered.

Not big in budget, but big in visual display, Red Canyon delivers top notch scenes of desert landscapes and dusty, dark mine-chambers. The film is beautiful and the story matches the desolate atmosphere, as characters act in treacherous ways. The lighting is on the dark; yet, the dark settings amplify the tense nature of the film. But what about the entertainment factor, you ask?

Well, the pacing of the film keeps Red Canyon interesting as twists and turns and character reveals keep the writing tight, but the complexity of the plot might leave some viewers slightly sour. Over four separate character reveals take place in the final ten minutes, which can leaving things confusing, but what is a horror or thriller film without a twist or two? Truly magnificent in tone and delivery the acting in this indie film is comparable to other bigger budgeted films. As a stand alone film Red Canyon is second to none and worthy of a purchase based on its thrilling nature.

On the DVD, extras include interviews with Christine Lakin, Norman Reedus, the director Giovanni Rodriguez, and producer Michael Dungan. This screener might not be the actual DVD you purchase and likely the purchasable DVD will have many more features than this copy. The film itself, however, makes Red Canyon worth the price of admission.

Plot and story/subject material/attitude: 8.
Characters/individual characterization: 7.25.
Setting/realism/authenticity: 7.25.

Overall: 7.5 hatchets out of 10 (see it)!


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