Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nightscape Creates New Nightmares

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"Fear grows stronger" in this first clip for Nightscape, which is a long way away from a release (2011, Nightscape). As if in a dream his first movie clip for Nightscape takes the surreal to new heights as a little girl seemingly wanders through a wide dreamscape. But is this really a dream? Often like a nightmare this early film from the feature shows skeleton scarecrows and blood-sucking leaches, who devour the unaware. The synopsis for the film does not seem to mirror this early clip, but definitely take a look at the four minutes of film below that describes itself as "[a film] that combines compelling drama and surreal, Lovecraftian horror (Nightscape)."

A synopsis for Nightscape courtesy of Imperiad Entertainment:

"In Nightscape, three high school seniors are drawn into a world of living nightmares. Exposed to a frightening creature of unknown origin, the teens unexpectedly gain paranormal powers. As these powers grow and change the trio suspect they’ve become hapless pawns in a larger war between ancient forces of good and evil.

Release Date: 2011.

Director/writer: David Edwards.

The trailer for Nightscape here:


Nightscape Homepage