Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Good Sisters Might Not Be that Bad After All

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When one sees a movie poster that was made with five minutes and Microsoft Paint, one wonders if the film is worth mentioning to viewers. When the trailer shows lots of hair flipping, Ouija board playing and not much else one wonders if the film might be best swept under the rug. But sometimes news is best passed on to the fans who are often in a better position to judge a film on its merits. So after this long intro', we have The Good Sisters from director and writer JimmyO Burril. The film is about "black magick" and "an ancient bloodline (The Good Sisters)." Cinesploitation has described the film as: "what seems like a slow burn through the first two acts is just a gradual boil until the pressure builds and it can no longer be contained (Cine')." A couple early reviews are positive and The Good Sisters will be available through video-on-demand February 1st and on DVD February 2nd. All the exciting details inside.

The synopsis for The Good Sisters here:

"Breanne Good (Debbie Rochon), and Kindra Good (April Monique) are sisters with a secret life - practicioners of witchcraft, glamours, and black magick. Fiercely protective of their privacy, craft, and ancient bloodline, they becomes suspicious of their new neighbour Daniel (David Calhoun) who also leads a life shrouded in mystery. Unsure if he is unnaturally obsessed with them, or if they are only being paranoid, The Good Sisters will have to draw all their power about them as it becomes clear their ages old battle of good versus evil, light versus dark, freadom versus oppression may be about to begin again, which leaves a question. Who is being good and who is not (The Good Sisters)?"

A teaser trailer for the film here (the first five secs' are the best):

Pre-orders are available now through, with a release coming next month:


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