Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exclusive First Look at Sprinkles

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Scheck Media and aka Ms. Vampy aka the lovely Brooke Lewis, are the supports for the "psychological drama" Sprinkles (Philly Chick). A less than threatening title will be given help by a stronger sounding cast. Brooke Lewis (iMurders) will star along side Don Danielson (Boxes). Officially announced here, the story of Sprinkles follows call-girl Maura, played by Lewis, who encounters a "dirty little secret" in one of her johns (Philly Chick). A trailer and movie poster will be released shortly. So until then, have a look at two film photos from the film that promises to be both sexy and malevolent.

The synopsis for Sprinkles here:

"High-priced call girl, Maura, has a seemingly chance encounter with a client, Gary (Don Danielson), while on a business trip. When Gary turns violent in the midst of their exchange, Maura's fears slip away as she realizes that Gary has a dirty secret fetish. Maura, with a secret of her own, reveals that this encounter may not be a random occurrence, but a calculated attempt to avenge a man from sprinkles of her past. Gary learns that he is getting a lot more than he paid for.

Release Date: 2010.

Director: Roger A. Scheck.


"Sometimes the past will cost you."

More info' on Sprinkles will be posted at the Philly Chick Production site listed here:

Philly Chick Productions

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